Development of the National Contingency Plan in the final phase

As part of the activities envisaged by the Coastal Zone Management Program for Bosnia and Herzegovina (CAMP BIH), the development of the National Plan for Response to Sudden Pollution / Marine Pollution (hereinafter referred to as the “National Plan”) is underway. Assistance to national institutions in drafting the National Plan for BiH has been entrusted to REMPEC, the Regional Center for Emergencies of Marine Pollution for the Mediterranean Sea, the Mediterranean Action Plan.

Among the priority activities in the development of the National Plan organized by REMPEC, in the hotel MAREA in Neum in the period 30 June and 1 July 2021 were held a two-day II. National emergency response workshops (to marine pollution / pollution incidents) for management level staff, intended for representatives of state, federal, county and local institutions, departments, services, organizations and / or companies that have or may have a role in responding to incidental pollution / marine pollution, and on 2 July 2021 a one-day II. Meeting of competent authorities in charge of the National Plan.

Previously, in agreement with the national authorities and REMPEC and in compliance with all prescribed measures for protection against infection with COVID 19, I. Workshop and I. Meeting were held in the period from 27.04.2021. until Thursday 29.04.2021. in Neum.

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