Project Framework

Project Framework

Following a request presented by the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H), the Contracting Parties (CPs) to the Barcelona Convention approved the decision to carry out the CAMP for B&H at their 19th Ordinary Meeting held on 9 – 12 February 2016 in Athens, Greece.

The decision to initiate the CAMP B&H was further discussed with the representatives of relevant B&H institutions with the aim to start the preparation of the Feasibility Study (FS) and to nominate an expert to assist in this activity.

The preparation of the FS started in September 2016. The work was carried out in close collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations and supported by PAP/RAC. A couple of consultative meetings were held within the FS preparation process with the coastal stakeholders, soliciting their opinions, analysing issues and challenges for sustainable development of the coastal area and identifying activities and Project area for the CAMP. The first draft of the FS was presented by September 2017.

The first consultation meeting took place on 13 February 2018 in Neum, when the first set of comments and suggestions on how to improve the FS were proposed. Priorities for the project activities were discussed and the need to involve all relevant stakeholders was underlined. The second meeting took place on 16 April 2018 in Neum with the widest possible participation of stakeholders, including national, federal and local stakeholders as well as representatives of the most relevant sectors and firms that deal with coastal development and protection.

By June 2018, the FS was completed and based on it a draft Agreement was prepared. At the third meeting organised in Neum, 5 July 2018, the FS was adopted and participants provided comments on the draft Agreement. Based on this, the Agreement was finalized. Finally, the Council of Ministers approved the FS in May 2020 that paved the way for the signature of the Agreement.

The Agreement was signed on 29 June 2020 and opened the way for the implementation of CAMP project. 

The Project (including a detailed formulation and implementation) is envisaged to last between July 2020 and July 2022, while the implementation of post-Project activities is envisaged from 2022 to 2024.

Organizational arrangements for CAMP B&H are presented in the following figure:

Participation of a wide range of stakeholders and partnerships with relevant organisations and initiatives will be fostered throughout the Project implementation. 

The main goals of the CAMP Project for B&H are:

  1. to create necessary mechanisms that can help achieve sustainable development of the coastal area;
  2. to support the efforts of B&H towards the ratification of the ICZM Protocol;
  3. to support implementation of national policies related to coastal area;
  4. to promote integrated and participatory planning and management in the coastal area;
  5. to build national, federal, cantonal and local capacities for ICZM and raise awareness on the importance of the coastal area and on the complexity and fragility of its ecosystems, as well as on the need for integrated approaches in managing them; and
  6. to facilitate the transfer of knowledge on ICZM tools and approaches.

The Project will contribute to the implementation of various decisions of the Barcelona Convention related to ICZM, pollution, biodiversity and contingency planning, as well as to other international obligations such as to UN Sustainable Development Goals, EUSAIR and alike. The B&H Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations (MFTER), in its roles of National Focal Point (NFP) for MAP and CAMP B&H National Lead Agency, are in charge of the overall supervision of all Project activities in the country and of those implemented by national participants, in co-operation with MAP. The Steering Committee (SC), comprising representatives of the MOFTER, the different relevant ministries at the Federation level and Herzegovina – Neretva canton level, the Municipality of Neum and of MAP – PAP/RAC, will provide the overall guidance of the Project.

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